The services of a Civil Engineer are required in Building construction, Transportation Engineering, Environmental engineering, irrigation engineering, Construction management and many more. The Civil engineering has been sectored into architectural, structural, traffic, ocean, and geo-technical engineers.

The Duties of a Civil Engineers are

  1. Analyse and surveying
  2. Planning
  3. Designing
  4. Computing requirements
  5. Estimating quality and cost of materials or labour
  6. Overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures

The basic areas for which a civil engineer bestow services are

  1. Surveying
  2. Construction Engineering
  3. Transportation engineering
  4. Fluid Mechanics
  5. Structural engineering
  6. Environmental engineering
  7. Irrigation engineering
  8. Town Planning
  9. Project Management
  10. Infrastructure Development
  11. Remote Sensing
  12. Construction Management

The basic qualification required to a Civil engineer or construction engineer is a graduation program in the respective specialization. The curriculum of a Bachelor program deals with subjects relating engineering mechanics, engineering design, construction management and general science and mathematics.

Careers in Civil and Construction Engineering

In career prospective the constructions engineers has lot to do with many sectors, they incorporate with many industries like building, highway, mechanical and electrical. The average salary of an entry level engineer typically earns 356758 an year, experience pays much for the civil or construction engineer profile, can reach up to 1600000 an year if holding 4-5 years of experience.

Career Track Positions

Some of the designations in civil and construction engineering are

  1. Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for total project performance incorporate with cost budgets, project schedules, contract with clients, contracts with other contractors, monitoring sub contracts and purchase orders. Not just dealing with project but also deals with all the members included in a project like superintendent, project engineers, office engineers, assistant project engineers, field engineers and support staff of each project.

Depending on the expertise senior project manager is taken care of entire functionality involved in a project.


A superintendent is responsible for taking care of daily schedules and supervision of every operations in the project. He/she monitors quality of construction, enforcement of all safety policies and performance of subcontractors and offers support to the higher authorities as required.

2.Project Engineer

A project engineer is an entry level position reporting to the project manager. Engineer assists project manager and superintendent as required. Other than onsite work, sometimes project engineers have to reach to the fields to estimate the construction cost and construction site condition, or appearance.

3.Operations Manager

The Operations Manager deals with the maintaining of relationship between the clients. He/she is concerned of the profitability of the business and also dealing relationship between individuals inside of the organization.