Electronics and communication is booming sector in communication engineering. It is mainly the application of math and science in the telecom industry related projects. Electronics and communication engineering comes under electrical discipline. The applications of this sector serves for the nonlinear and active electrical components such as semiconductor devices like transistors, diodes and integrated circuits for the designing of electronic circuit devices (EDCs), VLSI circuits and their systems.

The duties Electronics and Communication is Booming Sector in Communication Engineering.

It is Mainly The of an Electronics Engineer are

  1. Designing of electronic components.
  2. Analyze
  3. Development and maintenance
  4. Develops programs for control and communication systems
  5. Evaluation and modifications
  6. Inspection for safety and quality standards
  7. Checking for performance

The basic areas for which an electronics engineer bestow services are

  1. Architectural
  2. Navigational
  3. Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
  4. Entertainment
  5. Defence
  6. Telecommunications
  7. Industrial applications
  8. Electro-medical
  9. Federal government
  10. Research & Development.
  11. Home Appliance and VLSI design.

Career prospects

The graduation degree from electronics and communication engineering provides ample of job opportunities in various sectors apart from their core industries. The graduates can be coupled with other sectors like IT and automobile industries. It can also provide jobs in central government, state government, other public and private sectors. Some of the reputed firms where the services of an electronic engineer were in demand are BEL, Siemens, Texas instruments, Motorola, Samsung, DRDO, ISRO, Infosys, Intel and a lot besides. The average initial salary of an electronics engineer in India is 3.5 – 4.5 lakh per anum. And very much attractive salaries were offered after gaining experience.

Some of the job roles of an electronics engineers are

  • Engineer
  • Software Analyst
  • Senior Sales Manager Service Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Network Planning
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Electronics and Communications Consultant
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Research & Development Software Engineer

An electronics engineer has access to all above designations in India and abroad. The job role may differ with work experience, qualification, skill and many. Understanding the need of an electronics engineer the specialization of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) has made mandatory for graduation and post graduation programs in engineering colleges, universities in India and abroad.