Tokyo 2020 or 2020 summer Olympics, customarily known as the games of the XXXII Olympiad is an upcoming multinational and multi-sport event that is going to be held from 24th July to 9th August in the year of 2020. The 125th International Olympic Council meeting held in Buenos Aires on 7th September 2013 elected Tokyo to host the event out off few cities which are in the race. The election was held amongst the three candidate cities namely Tokyo, Istanbul, and Madrid where two applicant cities Baku (Azerbaijan) and Doha (Qatar) were not promoted to contest in the elections. A tender was withdrawn by the side of Rome.

Japanese National government took these Olympics to be prestigious as these are fourth Olympics that are going to be held in the country. The government is planning to spend a total of 800 billion yen out of which 400 billion yen are from Japan Metropolitan Government while the remaining part of money comes from the private investors of the event. The organizing committee which has been monitoring all the activities is headed by the former prime-minister Yoshiro Mori and by The Olympic and Paralympics minister Shunichi Suzuki on behalf of Japanese Government.

Japan used to exhibit technology traditionally during the Olympics, now Telecom company NTT Docomo has signed a contract with Finland’s Nokia for providing the 5G spectrum of signals during the entire event. Taking the forthcoming international event into view Japanese Rail Authorities are planning for expanding their services so that Olympic traffic doesn’t affect regular computation durations they are laying two new express tracks to meet the demand of Olympics. Similarly, Japan Airport Authorities are expanding slot capacity at Haneda Airport and Narita International Airports.

The Japanese government is taking measures for spreading the Olympic crowd into regions surrounding Tokyo so that Tokyo will not get overcrowded and drained out of resources. Twenty-eight of thirty-three venues are situated 8 kilometers in the Tokyo surrounding the Olympic village out of which 11 venues are yet to be constructed, however, the works are going on a higher rate that they will be completed by mid-2019. A review panel in 2016 has suggested the present venues which are moved out of Tokyo after its suggestion. Seven venues of nine sports will be located in the heritage region of Tokyo out of which few venues were utilized in 1964 summer Olympics with all these developmental measures taken by the Japanese Government let us hope these Olympics will end peacefully promoting the world peace.