In oral, written, or more recently, electronic form, that can be text messages, mails or any other. Now a days the controversial issue “Triple Talaq” has been fired on news. Many Muslim officials are on their way to make the custom of Triple Talaq continued without any restrictions. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) called for meeting, to be decided by the government on this topic. The government has set up a committee to consider a legislation to put an end to instantaneous Triple Talaq.

“Triple Talaq”, is a 1,400 year-old practice among Sunni Muslims. Though the practice is not mentioned in the Quran or Sharia law there were few people who aggresively follow the custom. Despite people who follow the custom it is largely disapproved by Muslim legal scholars. Several isalmic countries including Pakisthan and Bangladesh, have banned it but considered legal in Sunni Isalmic theory. Triple Talaq, instant divorce, is a form of Islamic divorce which has been used by Muslims in India. It allows man to legally divorce his wife by stating the word ‘talaq’ three times

The questions were raised by the people caused issues of justice, human rights, secularism. The issues reached to Government of India and Supreme court of India and deemed Triple Talaq unconstitutional. There are many controversies with people follow Talaq custom stating that men has great power than women to grant divorce instantly when they feel like doing and Muslim marriages are considered private unless the couple wanted for registration. These factors might some way lead to the dominating place of a husband, specially in case of Triple Talaq. Also these factors owe much to the Triple talaq practice despite there is no such law in the books, Muslims consider holy like Quran. These customs not only raise dispute in a parliament or country but leads to low self esteem of women and violating their individual rights, which is against constitutional rights. The Muslim women were the first to oppose Triple talaq and filed public interest litigation in the supreme court.

Considering above all Narendra Modi government determined to go a head with the passage of Triple Talaq bill in the Parliament and further meetings and decisions would do ensuring justice for mulsims.